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Ct Global Freight Audit is the World’s Leading Freight Invoice Audit, Verification and Payment Company

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    Freight Audit, Payment & Logistics Costs

    Ct’s Global Freight Audit and Payment Process is an Analytical, Financial Review of Invoiced Logistics, Costs versus Carrier (Supplier) and Rate Agreements Versus quantities shipped.

    This 3-way match verification Results in  4-7%  of Global Logistics Cost and Savings

    A Ct Global Freight Audit will help you to avoid overpayment and will dramatically improve your company’s transportation and logistics financial performance.

    Ct Global Freight Audit manages savings for an international, multiple industry client base.

    Be in control of your own logistics expenditures with our dedicated Freight Audit services and Logistics Audit services.

    Transformational Technology


    Financial Savings

    Billing Accuracy

    Duplicate Validation

    Online Resolution


    Transforming Data

    Into Supply Chain Insights

    Drill Down & Dashboards

    Ct Optima


    System Intergration

    cTMS  / EDI Connectivity

    Gl Code Cost Allocation

    Self Billing, Accurals

    Audit Services

    Freight Audit Services

    A Freight Audit will allow your company to maximise the return on logistics spend through financial review and creating tighter controls over contract compliance

    Ct Offers a comprehensive and in-depth Audit of all your Logistics Costs, in any language, alphabet or location.

    Freight Auditing focus’s on not just the actual charges that are billed to you but also extends onto a 3-way match against the physical size and service that was booked by you with your Carriers. This is managed by Electronic or Manual receipt of your actual Shipped (or Received) data.

    Global Payment Services

    As a Detailed  Value-Add” Service, Ct also offers an Optional Carrier Payment Service.

    Ct currently Manages Client Payments to Carriers in 76 International Currencies in more than 130 Countries

    In Partnership with HSBC Global Banking Services, Ct can add Consolidated Banking facilities in parallel with Reducing Client Banking Fees or Currency Conversion Costs.

    Additional Security Checks allows Ct to validate account details for new carrier (supplier) implementations

    Reporting Dashboards
    Business Intelligence

    Logistics Management is always enhanced by invaluable Cost Data. Ct offers an expansive set of Dashboards that allow our clients to receive and review Data that is invaluable when making financial decisions for Cost Controls and analysis

    Linked specifically with elements such as GL ( General Ledger) Coding and Cos Centres, Ct can automate Reporting at Advanced levels, always customised to Client Requirements,

    From Service Level Summaries to Carrier performance reviews, Ct can provide the level of details through Dashboards that allow Carrier management to be streamlined with Efficiencies

    Carrier Invoicing & Automation

    Technology Demands Automation

    Automation Drives Accuracy

    Accuracy commands Cost Savings and Value

    These ingredients all drive towards Efficiencies and cost effective methods of Invoice Management

    Enhanced Invoice Automation Programs providing Electronic (EDI) connectivity directly with Carriers Invoice Management systems and Client ERP (Payment Programs) are at the heart of Ct’s Core products

    Global Logistics Audit Provider




    Invoicing Languages



    Why Consider Freight Audit?

    A Freight Audit is an integral part of managing supply chain costs.
    Freight Audit Invoice Verification results will provide complete
    confidence in the accuracy and value of your freight and logistics

    The Freight Audit and optional Payment Services provides your
    company with a closed-loop process, ensuring contract compliance
    and full visibility of your Global Supply Chain structure and

    Commercial and Public Sector companies employ a Freight Audit Specialist such as Ct Global Freight Audit to improve business intelligence and to reduce transportation costs by uncovering billing errors and ensuring that suppliers are billing as per the agreed rate agreements. Our experienced Freight Audit Specialists focus entirely on your financial needs

    Post Audit & Financial Claims Management

    A Post Audit is a financial Audit of Invoices that you have previously paid to your carriers Versus the Contracted Costs that have been agreed.

    Ct has significant historical experience in Managing Reclaims of Overbilled and Overpaid Freight Invoices dating back several years.

    Once the Detailed Billed and Paid Invoice data is available and Rate Agreements are shared, Ct has customised Rating Software that can provide dedicated results for billing discrepancies in a ” RealTime” environment.

    Submitting Claims in a Post Audit Mode, that arise from a result of a LIVE Pre-Audit is often a smart way to recover historical costs.

    Ct can discover the discrepancies and manage the entire process, often in a GainShare only basis, from where there ios little no financial exposure to our valued clients

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