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cTMS International Transport Management System

Our cutting edge transport management system is built to deliver a cohesive, holistic and intuitive level of control to users throughout the Supply Chain.

Value Added Services Detail

At CT Global, we offer a range of value-added services that enable our clients to achieve greater efficiency and profitability in their transportation operations. One of our flagship services is our cutting-edge transport management system, cTMS.

cTMS is a comprehensive transport management system that is built in-house to deliver a cohesive, holistic level of control to users throughout the supply chain. It is designed to streamline transportation operations and provide real-time visibility into your logistics operations.

cTMS is fully customizable to meet the unique needs of your business. Whether you need to manage shipping schedules, track shipments, or optimize carrier routes, cTMS provides the tools and capabilities you need to achieve your business goals.

  • Connect your ERP to cTMS Rates to enable realtime shipment costs & finance GL coding and cost allocation. Automating 1000s+ costs and coding daily.
  • Query your own tariffs to determine the most effective transportation for your shipment using Rate Search.
  • No rates available ? Use our Ad Hoc application RateRequest to request a quotation from your supplier network
  • Compare costs and service in a unified format. No more confusing service levels and hidden charges.
  • Select and book with your preferred provider. Then track your shipment from departure to arrival.
  • Generate Self billing invoice to ensure close of shipment with agreed costs.

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