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Global Freight Audit Services

Ct Global Freight Audit has over 100 years’ experience and success as an independent self-financing service provider in maximising client’s return on Global Logistics expenditure through financial review and analytical reporting.

Audit Services in Europe & Internationally

Ct’s Global Freight Audit Services offer:

Pre-Payment Audit

Post-Payment Audit

Payment Management Services in all Major Global Currencies.

Ct Global Freight Audit also provides specialist forensic Duty & Tax Audit services to accommodate analysis of Duty & Tax payment submissions

  • Processing invoices for Logistics Services for all modes of
    transportation in 48 languages including: German, Russian,
    French, Mandarin, Spanish, Japanese, Arabic and Cantonese
  • Complete comprehension and experience in international
    business etiquette, culture and traditions
  • Implementation and project management under due
    compliance with client business control

A Complete Solution

Ct Global Freight Audit has an established and continuous track record of delivering cost savings and efficiencies through the detection, recovery and claims management of billing errors and overcharges

This complete and total solution on freight invoice control and freight audit services results in an overall significant reduction of our client’s annual logistics budget with the added value of automated processes to reduce our client processing costs.

Ct specialises in processing and reporting for all mode types

  • Outbound
  • Inbound
  • Third party
  • Intercompany

Ct Global Freight provides Logistics Audit Services for all modes of
transport including air, ocean, rail, parcel, truck, courier, duty and
taxes and warehousing.

Freight Invoice Verification and Audit

Invoice verification and audit ensures that the client is only paying for the services which it actually receives in alignment with agreed rate agreements.

  • Rate Overcharges
  • Duplicate Billings/Billing Errors
  • Currency Rate of Exchange Uplifting

It ensures billed freight services are compliant with valid client-carrier rate files, contractual and ad-hoc agreements, thus eliminating the risk of being overcharged in areas such as

  • Fuel Surcharge Uplifting
  • Origin-Destination Simultaneous Billings
  • Unapproved Contract Extensions

Ct Global Freight Audit’s leading freight rating software (RateTrak) provides an automated volumes validation on every shipment and transaction exported or received by your Shipping or Receiving locations,

This allows a 3-way match:

  • Internal Client data : Versus
  • Billing shipped Received quantity. Versus
  • Carrier RateCards

This is to avoid suppliers charging for incorrect volumes and also for logistics services not requested/executed.

Global Logistics Audit Services

Ct Global Freight Audit provides Global Logistics Audit Services for all major currencies and geographies. We are operating internationally in all major countries (146) Including: Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Latin America, North America

Asia - Pacific

  • China              New Zealand
  • Japan             Vietnam
  • Hong Kong    Singapore
  • Australia        Malaysia
  • India               Indonesia
  • Philippines    Sri Lanka
  • Korea              Pakistan
  • Taiwan           Thailand
  • Bangladesh    Cambodia
  • Laos                 Brunei
  •  Nepal              Maldives

EMEA: Europe ME Africa

  • Germany                   Belgium
  • France                        Netherlands
  • United Kingdom      Spain
  • Republic of Ireland  Austria
  • Scandinavia              Italy
  • Abu Dhabi, Dubai    Ukraine
  • South Africa              Russia
  • Austria                       Switzerland
  • Czech Republic        Portugal
  • Hungary                    Romania
  • Poland                       Baltic States
  • Croatia                      Greece
  • Turkey                       Bulgaria
  • Slovakia                    Slovenia

Latin America

  • Brazil                   Colombia
  • Mexico                 Peru
  • Argentina            Ecuador
  • Uruguay              Venezuela
  • Panama              Paraguay
  • Chile                    Costa Rica
  • Bolivia                 Nicaragua
  • Honduras            El Salvador
  • Belize                    Puerta Rico

North America

  • USA
  • Canada

With over 100 years of knowledge and expertise in invoice verification and audit, Ct Global Freight Audit can maximise logistics savings for a new client of between 4% and 7% in the first two years. Contact us to find out the potential savings impact that can be achieved for your company.

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