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Freight Logistic Invoicing, Submission Automation & Storage

Ct Global Freight Audit provides Clients with personal instant access to all Logistics Invoices and Supporting documents that are received “Online” from every corner of the Globe

Whether transmitted via EDI Links or Paper Bills uploaded via Drag & Drop functionality to our Portal, its immediately available to all our clients

edi - Invoice Submission & Automation

EDI Automation

Ct Global Freight Audit is the Worlds leading expert in managing Automated Carrier Invoice Receipts via EDI

EDI: which stands for electronic data interchange, is the intercompany communication of business documents in a standard format. The simple definition of EDI is a standard electronic format that replaces paper-based documents such as purchase orders or invoices.

Ct Manages several versions of EDI Carrier Invoice transmissions: including EDIFACT, ANSI X12, XML, CSV.

Currently Ct has Automated EDI connectivity with more than 16,000 carriers Worldwide

EDI benefits substantially from timely Carrier Invoice Submissions and Billing accuracy which in itself guarantees large reductions in processing Costs

automation - Invoice Submission & Automation

Online: "Drag&Drop" Invoice & Support Document Submission Paper Bills: "WebStore"

Ct Operates its own online Paper Submission tool “WebStore”

“Webstore” is an online “Drag And Drop” Portal that allows instant Invoice Submissions from Carriers in any part of the Globe.

  • Any where  Any Time    In Any Format
  • Giving your LSP : Carriers – Suppliers:
  • Instant Submission   Instant LIVE visibility 
  • Delivery receipts   No Printing or Postage 
  • No Courier Costs  No invoices Losses

Currently 16,000  “Happy” Carriers in 140 countries making “Live” invoice and “Back Up File” Submissions Directly into our Submission Portal

auditing freight - Invoice Submission & Automation

Document Storage: Repository Tool:
"Image Archive"

Image Archive is Ct’s Online Document Storage Repository Area

  • All Invoices, BackUp Files, Support documents are managed here available to our clients 24/7
  • View Documents immediately after submission
  • Documents stored in original format of carrier submission Including Ct-GUID*
  • * Documents cannot be edited/deleted
  • **Global Unique ID Required for ISO27001
  • Document can be downloaded and printed for client storage
  • All documents have real time audit status

With Strong and Flexible Search functionality, “Image Archive” immediately eliminates the need for physical paper store

Users can search for any Invoice – Supporting Documents  submitted to Ct

Search Criteria:

  • Invoice Number
  • Shipment ID
  • Client Region
  • Division
  • Location
  • Carrier
  • Document status based on date range

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