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Claims Processing and Management

Managing claims on freight expenditure can be challenging for any business. 

Benefits outsourcing

Claims processing and management can be time consuming and administratively expensive. It can be difficult to manage invoice data, keeping track of online and offline communications and working with a diverse set of carriers and their internal systems and structures further complicates the process.

Outsourcing claims processing and management including money recovery to CT Global Freight Audit will eradicate all of those recurrent issues alongside reducing internal management and administration costs. We follow your money while you keep track of your freights.

CT Global Freight Audit’s Claims Process

These are the steps in our freight audit’s claims process:

  • Complete clarity between client-carrier claims procedures and constant visibility of audit trail/history
  • Reduction in turnaround times for resolution and settlements
  • Constant access of current and historical claim status through online visibility software
  • Reporting on all claims and money recovery, both current and on historical cases
  • Secure online data archiving and visibility of all historical claims documents and invoices

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