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Supply Chain Management

Complete the End to End Process by adding Supplier and Comodity data to the Ct Globals TMS Platform

Order Optimisation

Order optimization is a crucial aspect of the transportation industry, and it requires a thorough understanding of your supply chain data and carrier options. At CT Global, we offer order optimization services that connect supplier source data and create supply chain business rules to enable automated shipment building.

By leveraging our advanced data analytics and reporting tools, we can help you consolidate orders and identify the most cost-effective carrier per order based on real rate file data. We can also schedule automated pick-up and delivery requests to streamline your operations and improve efficiency.

While our order optimization services are designed to be fully automated, we understand that there may be exceptions that require manual intervention. That’s why we offer the ability to manually “step in” to an order on an exception basis, ensuring that your operations run smoothly even in unexpected situations.

  • Consolidated orders
  • Most Cost Effective Carrier per order based on real rate file data
  • Schedule automated pick up delivery requests
  • Ability to manually ” step in ” to an order on an exception basis.

Track & Trace

It’s essential to have real-time visibility into your supply chain operations. CT Global’s Track & Trace solution enables you to consolidate all suppliers and carriers orders and view and track all orders in one place. This enables you to track the order from source to delivery, ensuring that your operations run smoothly and efficiently.

Our Track & Trace solution also includes the ability to create custom alerts that notify you of delivery exceptions. This allows you to quickly identify and address any issues that may arise, reducing and eliminating delays and improving your overall operations.

To further streamline your operations, our Track & Trace solution can be combined with our Freight Audit and Self-Billing solutions. This ensures that your invoicing matches what was ordered and the service performed, reducing errors and discrepancies and improving your bottom line.

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