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Maximise logistics savings

An efficient way to reduce a company’s overall expenditure is to first analyse and reduce logistics costs – this area of business carries the greatest risk of incorrect carrier billings.

Control expenditure

Companies find it challenging to stay in control of expenditure and the checking of those costs and therefore may be unaware of the savings that could be made. That’s when we come in to save you and maximise logistics savings!

CT Global Freight Audit are leading experts in the field of maximizing logistics savings and can manage this process for your company, producing an average of 4-7% savings on total logistics expenditure in the first and second year.

Long Term Savings

In addition to eliminating billing errors, CT Global Freight Audit has developed leading benchmarking software used to compare and analyse existing suppliers, services and potential competitors in order to provide the client with complete confidence in decision-making on logistics expenditure and further enabling a company to issue RFQs / tenders for their services competitively.

CT Global Freight Audit further reduces freight expenditure by providing a total contract, project and account management service in order to reduce a company’s overall management, administration and processing costs.

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