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Post Audit

In addition to Pre-Audit Ct Global offers a Post Audit service to process & validate historical paid invoices

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Post Payment Audit

Audit errors discovered in Pre Audit can often have previously been paid on historical invoices over multiple years.
Conducting a Post Audit enables Ct Global to quickly and efficiently highlights these errors on historical invoices

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Claim Management

On Identied claims, Ct Global will work directly with carriers to process credits on behalf of the client. Tracking the claim from initial identification to client posting and processing the recovered funds.

Confirmed claims can help improve pre-audit by creating instant and confirmed Business Rules

Global Freight Post Auditing Services

Ct Global Freight Audit provides Global Freight Post Auditing for all major currencies and geographies. We are operating internationally in all major countries (146) Including: Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Latin America, North America

Asia - Pacific

  • China              New Zealand
  • Japan             Vietnam
  • Hong Kong    Singapore
  • Australia        Malaysia
  • India               Indonesia
  • Philippines    Sri Lanka
  • Korea              Pakistan
  • Taiwan           Thailand
  • Bangladesh    Cambodia
  • Laos                 Brunei
  •  Nepal              Maldives

EMEA: Europe ME Africa

  • Germany                   Belgium
  • France                        Netherlands
  • United Kingdom      Spain
  • Republic of Ireland  Austria
  • Scandinavia              Italy
  • Abu Dhabi, Dubai    Ukraine
  • South Africa              Russia
  • Austria                       Switzerland
  • Czech Republic        Portugal
  • Hungary                    Romania
  • Poland                       Baltic States
  • Croatia                      Greece
  • Turkey                       Bulgaria
  • Slovakia                    Slovenia

Latin America

  • Brazil                   Colombia
  • Mexico                 Peru
  • Argentina            Ecuador
  • Uruguay              Venezuela
  • Panama              Paraguay
  • Chile                    Costa Rica
  • Bolivia                 Nicaragua
  • Honduras            El Salvador
  • Belize                    Puerta Rico

North America

  • USA
  • Canada

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