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Business Intelligence Reporting Software

Ct Global Freight Audit has over 100 years’ experience and success as an independent self-financing service provider in maximising client’s return on Global Logistics Expenditure through financial review and analytical reporting.

Business Intelligence Reports

Business Intelligence Reporting plays a significant role in key decision making: Both financial and operation.

Ct Global Freight Audit provides unique visibility to both Reporting Data and Dashboards that allows our Clients to successfully manage their logistics Expenditure and Operational Efficiencies

Through information management and leading reporting software, Ct Global Freight Audit can generate vital business intelligence to be used for:

  • Efficient and profitable decision making
  • Expert Benchmarking Data
  • Financial comparisons of current Freight/Logistics Providers
  • Analysis of complete logistics expenditure
  • Business process optimization

The value of instant access to this kind of detail is an invaluable asset in either a Global or Local Logistics Market

Finger Tip Reporting: Automation

Having Instant Access to the Data is a major benefit in this understand and decision making.

Ct has the ability to Automate and schedule customised reports directly into your specified InBoxes

Once we share the capabilities of the Key components of the quality of the reporting we can schedule and automate reports at your specified timetable.

Whether or not its financial or operation reporting that is required, Ct has the capacity to execute at your personal convenience

Business Intelligence: Flexibility

Ct Global Freight Audit is delivering actionable business intelligence. The benefits of an automated, best practice freight audit and payments solution are many. Profit from easing your administrative tasks, create savings through invoice audits and reporting.

Ct Global Freight Audit has extensive experience and knowledge of a diverse client base and therefore ensures constant flexibility in its reporting criteria. By producing analytical reports designed to meet each client’s specific business requirements and maximise company profitability you have all the insights in a few clicks. With benchmarking and data capture: data becomes knowledge and saving at once.

Benchmarking, Double Validation

Benchmarking is a key component in Logistics Financial Management.

Ct is able to provide a “RealTime” Benchmarking service to validate the value of your Carriers Trade Lanes Billing, not just against “superficial Market Rates”, but strictly against LIVE Billed Data that are actually being applied today.

Additionally Ct is able to provide a “Double Validation” Service which allows our clients to validate the impact new Carrier Rates have on managed historical Data.

Typically this is an invaluable process when checking new RFQ Rate Data and assessing the impact they are likely to have for future transportation transactions broken down by Trade Lane

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