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Business Intelligence: Reporting Capabilities

CT Global Freight Audit’s reporting software Data Grabber™ is a powerful web-based application used to optimise the value of your logistics data through visible online reporting. You provide the hard data and we provide the customised, profitability focused reports with our reporting capabilities.

Data Grabber

In today’s fast-paced business world, companies need to make data-driven decisions to stay competitive. With CT Global Freight Audit’s Data Grabber, you can capture all your savings and opportunities and gain valuable insights to optimize your company’s processes.

Data Grabber captures all your savings and opportunities. With these insights you can focus on optimizing your company’s processes.

CT Global Freight Audit further offers the alternative of push and pull reporting, empowering clients to create virtually all types of logistics or financial reports in a matter of minutes using our online software, customised to include any combination of required data elements.

Standard Types Of Reports

  • Payment Report: Invoices ready for payment to be aligned with your internal accounting and payment systems.
  • Accessorial Report: Used as an insight as to where cost reductions and savings could be generated through preventing excessive accessorial expenditure in specific area.
  • Failed Invoices Report: Visibility of failed invoices and invoices awaiting resolution; inclusive of detailed, up-to-date failure reasons to give complete visibility of each invoice’s status and audit-trail progress.
  • Service Level and Type Report: Most/least frequently used service level/types and their costs to confirm cost effectiveness.
  • Ad Hoc Report: Overview and insight to the costs incurred outside of current rate files.
  • Carrier Performance Report: Comparison and analysis of each carriers overall performance by integrating all modes and carriers into one standard format. Crucial for KPI (Key Performance Indicator) management and control and supplier benchmarking.

Reports can be generated for any requested time-frame; daily, weekly, monthly or on a one-off basis to suit your business demands and can be made available online, securely to authorised users. Clients can designate which users have access to each application and data, set by specifications such as region, division or department.

We understand the increasing pressure on payments and payment terms. Reporting gives you the insights to adjust your business intelligence on time.

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