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Carrier Management

An extension of our TMS we offers a complete carrier management platform.

Performance Management

Ct can Manage your Carriers Financial Performance through industry standard and custom built KPIs.

The following are some Key Performance Indicators in evaluating your Carriers Performance in areas such as timeliness and Accuracy

Invoice Submission Performance

    • Invoice submission
    • Un approved billing
    • Accessorial Spend
    • Accruals

Transport Performance

    • On Time Delivery
    • Service Level Performance
    • PODs
AdobeStock 132802484 Preview - Carrier Management
AdobeStock 293580984 Preview - Carrier Management

Rates  Management

Visibility and Management of all Rate Agreements

  • Open and Closed Rates
  • Top Lanes
  • Change Requests
  • Frequency of Rate Updates

A selection of carriers included in the Carrier Management Program

  • Carrier List
  • Carrier List
  • Carrier List
  • Carrier List

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